Welcome to Lilly Pilly Productions

A note from Leslie:
Lilly Pilly Productions is a company devoted to increasing children’s self esteem and overall happiness!

I am Leslie Bennett, owner, writer and artist. I create paper art lessons and stories on 8 and 10-foot bulletin boards, displayed in the incredible elementary school I volunteer for. My large-scale art is filled with positive messages, specifically aimed at elementary school aged children, to encourage their self-development. Each set of board takes between 40-80 hours. The time flies by. I have a passion for paper! Everything is 100% handmade. I think about the subject I want to talk about, gratefulness, kindness, bravery, commitment, sketch, then with a pile of paper, glue, scissors and a beloved paper cutter, I create stories on a large surface, broken down into 9 story panels.

I chose to volunteer doing the art in the library since 2012 because I knew 500+ students and teachers would be visiting this magical place. I wanted to share my love of kindness and belief in oneself. My art is simple. Any student can copy it using basic shapes. I strive to deliver messages of self-esteem, self-awareness, self discipline and self acceptance through pictures. I have been self-funding this volunteer opportunity.

In 2018, I began taking my boards into 5 classrooms (Kinder, 1,2,3,4th grades) before I put them up in the library. I tell the kids how I constructed my art. We talk about the messages behind the art. We do thoughtful art projects, to give away to people we care about. We collaborate. We practice kind acts. We learn how to be kind and notice when others are being kind to us. My program is called “Art Inspiring Confidence.” I love being a Kindness Coach.

I dream of writing and reading MY OWN books to kids in the near future. The focus of all my books are elementary school aged characters, who in the end, find out that happiness is within reach, if they can focus in on their inner goodness and be kind to others. In Lolo’s Story, Lolo tells everyone that she only wants to be one thing when she grows up. She wants to be happy. In Grandma’s Kindness Challenge, Pat’s Grandma promises him being kind will feel good. He accepts her kindness challenge and finds out helping, donating, sharing and thanking really does make you feel good inside.


Any gifts you would like to make, to support the dream of a volunteer, who wants to make a true difference in a child’s life, please see the contact page for my mailing address, or the donations page to contribute. I am relying on adults who understand that it takes a village, especially in these days, to help children believe in their futures. Thank you to those who have supported me by sponsoring classrooms or students. Teacher recommendation letters are available if you would like to read more about what I do from a teacher’s perspective in the classroom! Just email me.

I have been the volunteer of the month many times. I was awarded the SuperStar Award from the school district. I dream of being that adult that you remember from your own childhood, the one that made you feel like you were special. My goal when I started was simple: I want everyone to feel included.

Your support gives kids the opportunity to hear from a devoted coach. I have 25 years of business management experience, a BS in Psychology, 8 years as a volunteer at the school, and a HUGE desire to help elementary schoolers be themselves. Through art, sharing and projects, we try to be what everyone wants to be.. happy with ourselves and happy inside our hearts.


Leslie Bennett